Fintech is the future

Nobody wants to waste time filling lengthy paper forms these days for financial services. Financial services providers have realised this are investing more in digital technologies and less in branch expansion & front-desk officers. But their digital innovations come with lot limitations. Westcape is navigating these limitations by engineering smarter technologies that create real value for both Service providers and Customers.

One Account – Everything finance

It doesn’t make sense to have different accounts for different financial services…

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Westcape explained

See how Westcape can bring real value to Service providers and Customers.


Our platforms serve as free marketing avenues for service providers.

Data processing

We collect and process customers’ data on your behalf, so you can focus on the things that matter to you …

Customer service

Our backend dashboard helps service providers manage their products, customer service and marketing needs.

Higher profitability

Financial services providers no longer need to invest in physical infrastructure and human resource to capture more leads.

Easier Access

With Westcape, you don’t need to visit your financial service provider before you access services such as Loans and Investments.

On the go

Westcape is available on mobile, tablet and desktop 24/7; which brings endless convenience and simplicity.


Get to know other people on Westcape and make new connections that can translate into real monetary value.

Always free

As a user, tt costs you nothing to use Westcape; it is free and will forever be.

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