Money is Complex

But we make it simple...

By connecting people through trade and finance and engineering defensible technologies.

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There are more than 5 billion people who need financial services globally, of which 2 billion are unbanked. This is a huge opportunity. But how do we make money out of them?

Our Current Innovations



Westcape is a social media that enables people to access financial services at the most competitive terms, anywhere, anytime and any day.


Cawé scores users based on their mobile money transactions (and other behavioral characteristics) and provides them with loans, insurance and savings.


With the greatest simplicity and highest privacy features, Westcaper allows you to send private messages instantly at zero cost.


Why we exist

We have one mission: to connect people through trade and finance. And we've got one goal: to engineer the future: how people live and interact.


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Our technology

One of our greatest strengths is the proprietary nature of our technology. It uniquely integrates a set of functions and processes that make life easier for everyone, including you.

Our competitors, which include Facebook, Google, Twitter, Ant Financial are big; but we have a bigger vision.

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