Studies suggest that Africans spend much more time on social media than any other online platforms. Here are 9 ways to take advantage of social media to make more sales.

In the past, many overlooked the market Africa could bring to mobile phone industries and related businesses during the massive patronage of mobile phones in the developed world in the 90’s. The few bold ones that took the risk to invest and sell in Africa are still benefiting endlessly. The numerous cell phone users in Africa are now coupling their massive taste in cell phones with a more excessive interest in social media.

Studies suggest that Africans spend much more time on social media than any other online platforms. The major social media platform worldwide and the most visited social media website in Africa is Facebook; others include Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Why the need for social media for your business?

Social media platforms allow users to create, share and exchange information and ideas in the virtual world, therefore the active use of social media for your business allows you to stay connected to the consumer market or the consumer. First rule of business, without the consumer there is no market, to stay in business, the business must be where the consumer is, which is generally referred to as marketing or advertisement. Where is the attention of the customer? Social Media!

Money flows where the attention goes, social media is where the attention of consumer is currently and it is rapidly expanding, people carry smart phones that support and give instant access to the internet and social media applications. This is a great opportunity for every business, big or small to market their products or services right at the doorstep of customers or potential customers within seconds. Read more on this topic>>>

Where do I start?

You just took a bold and rewarding step by choosing social media. To start with, you must identify the most used social media platforms within your locality, it is advisable to narrow them down to at most 5 platforms to gain control and perfectly understand how they work and work hand in hand with each other before you proceed to other applications. We recommend Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and YouTube for a start. For these platforms you will be required to;

1. Create an Account

To create your business account, you need to have a username in mind, the username must be related to the name of your business as much as possible. A password will also be required, to successfully create your business account, you must agree and accept the terms and conditions for using the application. For the selected social media applications, it is advisable to use similar handles or usernames throughout, this helps users to easily locate your business account or handle on the social media platforms just by knowing the name of your business.

2. Create your bio

Your bio simply describes your business. As many words as allowed,  you are required to describe your business the best way you can, highlighting the product(s) or service(s) your business provides.

3. Get a business logo

This is very important considering that you are now creating a virtual store. Anywhere the logo is seen online, customers can actually trace and know that, this a product or service provided by your business. Get a logo that is appealing to the eye and best express your business. Upload and set this business logo as the display picture for the chosen social media platforms. Note that anytime your display or profile picture is changed, it must run throw the other accounts. Also, picture or video posts must have the logo watermarked or embedded in them.

4. Get a Website

As your business is expanding and growing, it is necessary that you get a website for your business, the website will be the virtual headquarters for your business, where files and posts are well organized and easily surfed. Unlike the website, the social media platforms come with restrictions on posts, a typical example is twitter which allows just 140 characters per post. Also it is very difficult to access old posts on social media.

How to stay on top, promote your business and increase sales

To increase sales and patronage your business deserves, it mostly depends on the number of people your posts reach and how convincing your posts are, there is therefore the need to strategize and plan, how best your posts can be seen and how best it can entice customers or potential customers. To help with that, here are some points to consider;

5. Scheduled posts

All posts must be well scheduled and timed, social media allow you to post blogs, pictures, videos and links about your business and also caption them. It must be considered the time of the day the posts are made and the time most users are active to see posts. Posts made with your business account appear on the timeline or “wall” of users that follow your business account. Three (3) posts a day at least is okay with one is the morning, one is the afternoon and one in the evening.

6. Graphics

All posts must be accompanied with well-designed graphics, watermarked with the business logo and contacts, this attracts users to appreciate and read posts.

7. Interactive posts

Interactive posts is the salt in the soup that gives it that splendid taste. These are not the usual posts that are reaching out in the form of advertisement, they are meant to be exciting, talking about new trends and engaging. They invite more likes, views, shares, retweets and comments than the usual posts. They can be in the form of quotes, riddles, jokes, fashion, questions etc. This is unlimited to your amount of creativity. All interactive posts must have the business logo and contact which indirectly informs users where they are enjoying such a post and where to come for more.

8. Like, share, retweet, favorite, comment and follow

This targets to increase your post reach and increase your business page fan base or followers. The business handle must be used to like, share, retweet, favorite, comment and follow accordingly and responsibly, whatever the handle is used to endorse by liking or commenting reflects on the business. Adopting this strategy makes your business handle get noticed.

9. Use of hashtags

The power of hashtags should not be underestimated. To well explain how hashtags work and why they should be used, here is an instance: let’s say I am very active on Instagram and I am looking for shoes to buy, I can go to the search engine on Instagram and by choosing the hashtag search, I type shoes and a grid of posts appears, these posts can lead me to a shoe company’s page. Hashtags organize your posts like an album to improve search. It is good to have a consistent hashtags for all posts made.

9 ways African businesses can increase Sales with Social Media

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