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We develop Corporate Social Responsibility, Project and Brand Concepts for local and foreign businesses in a way that strengthens their brand visibility and advances their overall business goals.




Africa Tech Policy

As truly transformational drivers of social and economic progress, ICTs have the potential to make the world a better place – and nowhere is this more true than in Africa. However, there are no adequate policy incentives to motivate African Tech entrepreneurs to match up to the continent’s ICTs challenges. The West Cape Strategy Group together with other partners is championing the cause of a common African Tech Policy.

3 Stories Africa

The 3 things you think matter to Africa the most! And why you think they matter. The “3 Stories Africa” wants to discover Africa the more – Africa, in all her forms, shades and shapes. A story-telling project, “3 Stories Africa” will collect views from citizens of over 30 African countries about the THREE most important things that matter to them concerning Africa and why those things matter. The views will be collected in two ways…

Hotel and Tourism Program

The GHTP is designed to increase the online visibility and competitiveness of tourism and hotel businesses in Ghana. Coupled with this, in partnership with the West Cape College, the training arm of the Group, we train Hotel and Tourism players on how they can use Internet Technology to increase visibility, reach and engage potential customers, partners & investors (foreign and domestic) and increase return on investments.

What we do

Our concepts are designed in a way that strengthens your brand visibility and advances your overall business goals. We have partnered with credible brands to develop some of the world’s most innovative concepts. Our concepts accelerate the growth process of our clients. The concepts we develop are strategic and appeal to a wide range of businesses and audience.

Our Strategists design concepts that not only have a positive and long-term impact on the society but on the Company’s industry as well. Once you have a broad understanding of the idea you seek to pursue, you are ready to turn it into an unmatchable concept with us.



We develop and Implement Corporate Social Responsibility, Project and Brand Concepts.

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