Total Business solutions

We use an unmatched combination of market data, technology and strategic ideas to improve and develop the business our clients. We are a service provider with total business solutions: West Cape Designs, West Cape Business, West Cape Concept and West Cape College.









Effective Branding 

We develop Corporate Social Responsibility, Project and Brand Concepts for local and foreign businesses in a way that strengthens their brand visibility and advances their overall business goals.


Web Services

We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to design cutting-edge websites, web & mobile applications to run your business. Use our web services to expand your business prospects.


Growing businesses 

We create long-term value for organizations from customers, markets, and relationships through internet technology, industry research and strategic engagements, thus increasing your market position.


Innovative Concepts

We are bringing a revolution in concept development and implementation in Africa. We have partnered with credible brands to develop some of the world’s most innovative concepts.

Internet technology

Website design

Website redesign 

Website management and support

Web applications

Website audits

Email marketing (newsletters)

Business and Strategy

Customer acquisition

Market positioning

Product/Project launch

Relationship building/Networking

Corporate training

Business consulting

Brands & Content

Content creation

Online Advocacy

Concept development


Social media management

Corporate Branding

Employee Branding

Brand Audits



Business cards





Digital and Print Reports

You have only one chance to impress a potential customer, investor or partner. Your business needs more than what you may be thinking