Isidore Kpotufe, CEO of West Cape Strategy Group
Isidore Kpotufe, CEO of West Cape Strategy Group


Welcome here; Isidore Kpotufe

Isidore is a self-trained idea entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of West Cape Strategy Group, an Internet Technology and Business Development Firm that’s changing how governments and private sector do business in Africa. He is the initiator of the Africa Tech Policy, Founder of Esicom.Net among many other technology-powered ventures.

He is currently engaging relevant stakeholders with the view of making technology the new “natural resource” for Africa.

Isidore is featured as a panelist among top politicians

Intellectual entrepreneur

Isidore Kpotufe at 2016 AfriLabs
Isidore Kpotufe at the 2016 AfriLabs Annual Gathering

Engaging Stakeholders

Isidore works to produce big innovative ideas

Changing the status quo