Full Report of the 2016 Business and Strategy Conference

On June 3, 2016, The West Cape Strategy Group (Formerly Africa Web Consult) held a conference at the City Escape Hotel, Accra-Ghana dubbed the Business and Strategy Conference (BSC). The conference attracted over 30 participants from the Business Community and the media.

A Research conducted by the AWC in early part of 2016 using quantitative and qualitative indicators revealed that 79% of businesses surveyed in Ghana, especially micro and medium enterprises do not often have the wherewithal to devote time and resources to strategy formulation and innovation but are forced to reconsider this position by the pressures of globalization and market competition. In consequence, many businesses decide to spend resources – financial and human – on strategies they can least afford. Even worse and very often, those strategies employed contradict their business objectives.

The findings of our research informed the introduction of the Business and Strategy Conference.

We organized the Conference to help businesses in Africa make the most out of technology.

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