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Notes 2.0: Technology is an Infrastructure, Not a Service

I have started a blog on the West Cape Strategy Group’s website called “Notes 2.0”. It is a less than 500-word article I will be publishing every Thursday on Technology and Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Business, Economy and Politics among other topics. I hope you enjoy it.

By Isidore Kpotufe / CEO of West Cape Strategy Group.

The Minister of Finance of Ghana, Hon. Seth Terkper has indicated that the Ghanaian economy in 2017 will to a very large extent be driven by the Oil and Gas sector, with the coming on board of the Tweneboa, Enyenra, Ntomme (TEN) fields which started producing oil in August, this year, together with the Sankofa Field which is expected to start production in August 2017.

Now, I cannot understand why the government would choose to ride on such a bumpy road. Ghana is not alone. Other African countries, including Nigeria heavily rely on Oil and Gas for revenue mobilisation. But global dynamics indicate strong uncertainty for oil price stability going into 2017.

Africa has offered many of the best examples of just how transformative Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) can be in terms of development over recent years, from the spectacular success of mobile banking, to smart apps now being used across the entire continent for tracking and preventing malaria, Ebola, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, to distance learning opportunities at every level of education, and to telecentres that help preserve and enrich the cultural lives of rural and remote communities.

Indeed, it is striking to note that over 90% of African governments do not see Technology as an Infrastructure, thus fail to put in place the relevant support policies.

If we invested only $25bn today in developing the BASIC (and I mean basic) Technology Infrastructure and ecosystem of 10 African countries, we would have created MILLIONS of jobs in the next 10 years and grown the economy of Sub-Sahara Africa by 10 folds. The GDP of Africa is almost equivalent to that of France.

However, unfortunately, African governments have not seen the innumerable opportunities in the ICT sector yet.

Someone has to take an action.

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