Isidore Kpotufe, Chief Executive Officer of West Cape

Communique 001/17 | New Year Statement (West Cape)

The West Cape Strategy Group, known under the brand name “West Cape” brings together a team of young and dynamic professionals with diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise who firmly believe in Africa and its potentials. It started as Africa Web Consult in late 2015 and since then, has been reinvented in order to withstand market dynamics, with the coming into being of the West Cape Strategy Group (West Cape). We now have a diversified portfolio of services that cover internet technology and business development.

2016 was a crucial year for us as we entered the market in a “test mode” coupled with some level of uncertainty. We organized the maiden edition of the Business and Strategy Conference (BSC) now known as Business Strategy and Innovation Conference in Accra, Ghana on June 3 2016. We started the implementation of the Ghana Hotel and Tourism Program, a concept we developed to help hotel and tourism businesses in Ghana to take advantage of the benefits of technological advancements in order to expand their operations.

The experiences of the previous year have proven that we stand to benefit as a business as we continue to innovate and disrupt in order to outperform market competition.

In 2017, we plan to occupy a bigger market share through greater brand visibility, strong technology infrastructure and increased profitability.

As a strategy, we have decided to commence the implementation of our “Expansion Drive” beginning October 2017 with Togo and Benin in focus. And by the end of 2020, we would have established a strong presence in two other countries, notably Nigeria and Ivory Coast – making it 5 countries of operations in 5 years.

And finally, we have made it a marketing strategy to increase our engagement level with potential prospects through the provision of relevant research-driven articles once every fortnight via our online platform, the West Cape Journal (

2017 will witness the second edition of our Business Strategy and Innovation Conference with the strategic partnerships of Business Day (Ghana) and Financial Afrik (Morocco), two of Africa’s leading business information providers. The Conference will also receive support from the Government of Ghana and that of Togo.

AfricaLearns, our CSR initiative aimed at advancing computer literacy in rural communities

We are of the firm conviction that of all the triggers of Africa’s development, technology remains the most potent and catalytic. Based on this conviction, we have decided to dedicate parts of profits to our AfricaLearns project, our CSR initiative aimed at advancing computer literacy in rural communities in countries where we operate. Our aim is to contribute to developing vibrant tech-driven knowledge economies in Africa that support inclusive development.

The Africa Tech Policy Forum – a body of stakeholders whose functions are to research and design Africa’s next Technology Policy Proposals is scheduled to enter into full operations by May 2017.

With a Diversified Portfolio of tech-powered business Services, Team members with varied expertise, Extensive Business and Political Network, Customer-centric technologies, Innovative Market-driven solutions and a Strong Appetite for growth and Expansion, we are poised to occupy 15% of Market share in Ghana by the end of 2018. Based on these same strategies anchored on a robust business model, we project to occupy a Market share of 10% in all our 5 countries of operations combined by the end of 2020.

Thank you!

God bless Ghana; God bless Africa!


Isidore Kpotufe

Chief Executive Officer

West Cape, the Company that wants to Change Africa in 2017 and beyond

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