Westcape Dedicated Service

You run a financial institution? Our Dedicated Service Team can help grow your financial business with expertise, experience and technologies.

Customer Acquisition

As a Financial Institution, customer acquisition is the lifeblood of your business. As the market becomes more competitive, and more Financial Institutions compete for the attention of increasingly sophisticated customers, it can be hard to achieve great returns on investment. Our Dedicated Team helps you set up viral online campaigns that achieve impressive customer growth.

Online presence management

The internet has become a big factor in business growth.  For Financial Institutions, taking advantage of the benefits that the internet offers is an effective strategy to reducing operational costs. However, being successful at it is a complex matter.  We combine expertise and experience in deploying technologies that give you positive rankings online. We set up and manage your social media accounts; we build and upgrade your website and craft contents in a manner that is biased to your business.


We bring together expertise, experience and technologies to solve your most complex business problems. We help you determine how best to take advantage of technological trends, and the most effective ways to deploy emerging technologies to meet your business needs.  

Account Manager

Our Dedicated Services come with an Account Manager to whom you have 24/7 access. Our Account Managers are very experienced digital experts who help you set up your online campaigns, manage your presence online and provide you with support when you need it the most.