Financial Institutions

Make 30% profits with Westcape, It is easy. 

Publish and boost products, advertise on Westcape and on third-party platforms, manage requests, engage with customers, get real time analytics and many more with the Westcape Partner Dashboard. 

How Westcape works 

We are not a Financial Institution. Westcape is a community. And we provide Financial Institutions of all sizes with the tools to grow their business: decrease operational costs and increase profitability. 


Create a free partner account on Westcape.


Publish products that target specific customer segments via Partner Dashboard


Products get listed on Westcape and other platforms.


Receive product requests from users via Dashboard; Approve or Decline them.


If approved, customer visits you (once) to finalize process.


You rate the customer based on their “performance”.

How Westcape can bring profitability to your financial institution

Greater Visibility

Westcape enjoys greater visibility and internet traffic throughout Africa, potentially reaching thousands of users daily.

Wider Audience

Products that get published on Westcape get featured on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google.  


Without strong online presence, Westcape Customized Ads help you sell your products and services to a wider audience. We take care of customer service.


$50 free credit for Ads

Westcape Customised Ads can help your financial institution enjoy higher profitability with minimal infrastructure and marketing budgets. Get started with $50 free credit from Westcape.  

Featured benefits

Aside reduced lending risks, investment automation, automatic payments, these are some of the benefits Westcape gives you.


Westcape is an Audience Network marketing platform, potentially reaching thousands of users daily.

Customer service

A bundle of integrated customer service channels (chat app, ratings, KYC data) to meet user expectations.

Data processing

The Westcape Partner Dashboard processes customer data and provides real time business analytics

Higher profitability

Less infrastructure and marketing investments, less human resource expenditure equal higher profitability

Omni Dashboard

The Westcape Partner Dashboard is a powerful tool that delivers real value to Financial Institutions: publish and boost products, advertise on third-party platforms, manage requests, engage with customers, get real time analytics and many more with the Dashboard. GET A DEMO

Dedicated service

You run a complex financial institution? Our Dedicated Service Team can help grow your business. 

Data protection 

Your data belong to you. We never use your data for any third-party transaction. 

Dedicated support

Call us to ask any questions: +233 303 967 967. Or e-mail us: