Our mission is to connect the world through finance and trade.


We are a social community

Westcape is a social community where people and businesses meet to shop for the best financial products and services such as loans, savings and investments from several service providers, globally.


What we do

We develop marketplaces, social communities, payment systems, complex data and cloud platforms and advertising technologies that are integrated into one SOLID infrastructure: Westcape.

Our commitments 

Diversified innovations

Oftentimes, companies limit their survival to one industry or two – increasing the risk of foundering.  We are building Westcape to be as diversified as possible.

Complex systems

We believe complex systems backed by flexible business models can survive shocks. We subject our engineering to rigorous processes and systems.

User satisfaction

We are building systems, everybody can use, not just some few. So we are committed to making sure that the services we offer are easy to use and deliver the greatest of satisfaction.

Protecting the web

Our lifestyles as humans depend substantially on the web and it will remain so for a very long time.  What we can do to make it useful to everyone is to protect it. Our commitment is to develop systems that protect the web and secure it for future generations.

How we can help 


Borrow money, invest money, network and do more with a free Westcape User Account.

It is easy. Start now.

Financial Institutions

You can make 30% profits, together with other benefits with Westcape Partner Dashboard.

No budget required. Start now.


Compare loan and investment options on Westcape. Reduce operational costs, increase sales and more.

No paper work required. Get started. 

Dedicated service

You run a complex financial institution? Our Dedicated Service Team can help grow your business. 

Data protection 

Your data belong to you. We never use your data for any third-party transaction. 

Dedicated support

Call us to ask any questions: +233 303 967 967. Or e-mail us:  info@westcapestrategy.com