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What you need is a free Westcape User Account. 

How Westcape works 

We are not a Financial Institution. Westcape is a community, where there are several loan, investment and insurance products from different Financial Institutions. You can compare and choose whichever one fits your lifestyle.


Create a free user account on Westcape.


Browse loans, investments, credits, insurance. Compare and make decision. Or just socialize with friends.


Send product request to institution by filling and submitting form.


Get a tracking code to check up on your request. Get notified.


Visit Institution (once) to complete process if request is accepted.


Rate Institution based on product quality and customer service.


Featured benefits

Apart from the convenience, class and flexibility that come with Westcape, you have options to compare products, rate institutions and build a healthy financial life. Or simply just socialize. 

Easier Access

No need to visit institution and do any paper work to enjoy services.

On the go

Westcape is available online on Mobile & Desktop and Offline (USSD).

New friends

Learn, Network, and have fun on Westcape. You can even make money.

Always free

Westcape is free and will forever be. All you need is a free User Account.

Other reasons to use Westcape 


Interest rates

Several products

To compare


A healthy financial life

One Account

Rule the world

Live your life, your way

Westcape brings real value to your life by enabling you to borrow and invest money + access other services. Make new connections, learn and have fun. Change the way you see the world – all from one account.

Dedicated service

You run a complex financial institution? Our Dedicated Service Team can help grow your business. 

Data protection 

Your data belong to you. We never use your data for any third-party transaction. 

Dedicated support

Call us to ask any questions: +233 303 967 967. Or e-mail us: